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ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS L.L.C. Is an unprecendented glass artist collaborative established in 2003. This award winning team is comprised of childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood. All met while exploring their shared enthusiasm for art, glass, and creation. Combining their shared passion for hand blown glass after more than 10 years of personal development, Anchor Bend Glassworks continues to redefine the glassblower's art. The talents from each artist encourage and compliment the energy and originality that permeates every piece of hand blown glass that Anchor Bend creates. Their award winning designs can be seen at select galleries and museums Nationwide Michael Richardson - Mike received his BA at St. Michael?????????s College in Vermont, a skilled marketing and studio manager, is thoroughly knowledgeable in all production support systems. Justin Tarducci - BFA studied conceptual art at the prestigious glass program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Timothy Underwood - Prior to the founding of Anchor Bend Glassworks, Tim, a native Rhode Islander, apprenticed with several nationally recognized studios and artisans. Starting with his natural talent and abilities he has carefully developed and honed them over the years, taking him into an arena occupied by very few masters of this art form. Tim has developed an excellent reputation in the industry, respect of his peers, and is recognized for his dynamic abilities. Not only highly proficient in the required skills necessary for designing and creating unique and individual objects of art from glass, he has also mastered the technical requirements of a production studio. This dedicated husband and father of two, who has been involved in the glass blowing business for over fourteen years, has recently been associated with a local High School mentoring program. This program takes the responsibility of guiding and introducing a high school student through the complete business process from ordering, stocking, accounting and billing, to the actual glass blowing process. Interfacing with the school and fulfilling their requirements for documentation added to his own knowledge base and that of Anchor Bend Glassworks. Tim, when not surfing for relaxation, can occasionally be seen instructing his young son Rex in the basic techniques and skills of the trade. ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS is constantly striving to honor and expand the glass blowers art. Our innovation is fueled through experimentation and creation. Put simply, we love what we do and do what we love! Anchor Bend Glassworks is proud to share our labor of love with you! Thank you for your support and great taste in hand blown glass! Sincerely, THE ANCHOR BEND TEAM
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