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Jenny Floravita was born to be an artist. She began her studies in painting, drawing, music and dance as a small child, excelling in all. Her life in the San Francisco Bay Area afforded her great exposure to the arts. Jenny won numerous awards as a young artist including four California Governor's Medallions and four California State Seals, two each for art and dance. After receiving several scholarships, Jenny went on to study and receive her formal art degree through University of California, Santa Cruz. She lived and worked in Santa Cruz as a graphic designer and fine art painter for several years before re-locating to her family's home town in the Delta half way between San Francisco and Sacramento. Since 2000, Jenny Floravita's fine art career has blossomed. She has exhibited in numerous galleries and high-end art festivals. She paints island scenes and tropical flowers in both oil and watercolor that are inspired by her garden and her travels through the tropics. Jenny's journey in the fascinating art of reverse glass painting began in the early summer of 2007 and since then she has added her beautiful custom reverse painted glass chandeliers to her well collected line of oil and watercolor paintings.
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