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Dan and Joi Lachaussee are a husband and with team who have their own studio set among the inspirational beauty of conifers and the Puget Sound on Whidbey Island, Washington. Dan and Joi meet in 1986 while attending Pratt Fine Arts in Washington. They continued on to study glass at renowned Pilchuck Glass Center in 1987 and opened their own studio, LaChaussee Glass Studio soon after in 1988. Dan and Joi's work has been shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States and internationally in Germany, Brazil, Australia and Canada. The collaboration of Joi¡¯s fine art and sculpture background with Daniels' technical skill and knowledge of chemistry reveals pieces which possess forms of fluid beauty accentuated by the color and design of each piece. Dan and Joi explore the elements of nature in their work by incorporating effects from extensive heat, centrifugal force and gravity. Their Starfish Bowl series of furled vessels come in a variety of colors with contrasting or complimenting rings on the edge. The whimsical yet elegant creatures in their Aquarium Collection are all made individually utilizing classic and their own inventive techniques. These multicolored fish, sea urchins, clam shells, and star fish can be displayed by themselves or in sculptural groupings.