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Buzz Blodgett is known for his high quality glass through which he creates vases, perfume vials, bowls, paperweights, and oil lamps which depict suggestive imagery of aquatic life. Buzz first began blowing glass in 1969 when his ceramicist father, Walter, built a glass furnace. Soon after, in 1970, the father and son team established Blodgett Studio. Buzz began doing all of the glassblowing for the studio in 1975. Buzz earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from San Diego State University. He has taught glassblowing at the University of California, San Diego. Buzz¡¯s work is included in many public and private collections, including the Lannan Foundation. His work is exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and at the renowned Corning Museum of Glass. Born and raised in California, Buzz has lived by the ocean and surfed all of his life. It is no surprise that his love of water would transcend into his work. In his series, Seafoam, Buzz creates vases, bowls, perfume vials and oil lites which include a internal spray of bubbles in the thick, clear crystal base of the works. He attains the bubbles through a special formulation of natural mineral compounds blended into molten glass and then encased in crystal. Buzz often incorporates areas of thick crystal layered with transparent colored glass into his designs. He will also combine multiple colors of transparent glass for an unusual color which is praised for it¡¯s high quality of purity and brilliance.