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Elodie Holmes, owner of Liquid Light Glass studio in New Mexico comes from a family of artists. Her great grand father, Frank Graham Holmes served as Chief Designer of Lenox China for fifty years. Then her father, Graham Holmes Jr., was a noted ceramist and painter followed by her older brother, architect Stephen Holmes. Elodie studied ceramics at Montgomery College, MD, and ceramics and glass at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. While at C.C.A.C., she apprenticed under renowned glass artists Marvin Lipofsky and Fritz Dreisbach. In 1984 Elodie was offered the opportunity to be a teaching assistant at the prestigious Pilchick Glass Center, followed by a scholarship in 1985. Elodie has shown work in major galleries and juried expositions throughout the United States. She has also shown work in the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Alabama; and the Trenton Museum, New Jersey. She has recently received the honor of creating an ornament for the White House????s permanent collection. Elodie Holmes is inspired by the spontaneity of working in glass which captures a moment in time. This concept transcends to her series, Shadow Dancer Vases, where she lampworks dancing figures to the surface of a vase or inside a crystal paperweight. Elodie????s style is formed by combing the techniques of lampworking, where the glass is manipulated using a torch, with traditional furnace heated glassblowing. Sometimes she will add small pieces of glass called murrini to the surface of her vases. Elodine has also been working on a series called Hand Stands. These pieces are tiny two to three inch hands that have been lampeworked in crystal and etched to a matte surface. In the palm of the hands is a space for it to hold an even smaller treasure such as a handmade marble, ring or a pair of earnings.
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