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Our glass art is influenced by ancient glass and architectural mosaics. Through study of antique work we have learned to appreciate the movement and depth that a well planned pattern provides. The result is a design that uses the vocabulary of pattern and color to complement the form. The way we achieve our graphic patterns is using Venetian cane technique. The "cane"is produced by pulling colored glass into long rods. These are cooled, cut into geometric figures, and then assembled into complex patterns on a ceramic stone. The stone is heated and the glass tiles pulled together as they get hot. The resulting piece of glass is rolled up onto a blow-pipe and shaped into its final form. We draw upon the amazing artistry of the Venetian craftsman for inspiration and guidance. For, example, we apply various cold-working methods to the canes:engraving, sandblasting, and miter cutting. This integration produces complex and structured patterns that are the signature of our blown glass pieces. Anthony Schafermeyer and Claire Kelly have been working collaboratively since 1997. Began Schafermeyer Kelly glass in New Orleans 2000-2004, currently reside in Pittsburgh , PA. Claire Kelly:Bachelor of Fine Arts, Alfred University, 1996 Anthony Schafermeyer: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rochester Institute of technology, 1992 Instructors: Pilchuck Glass School Stanwood, WA 2004. Penland School of crafts, Penland, N.C. 2002-2004. Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, PA. 2002-2004