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In Western Colorado, Jared and Nicole Davis own and operate North Rim Glass. Together, they've created a successful glass blowing and design studio for residential and commercial clients. You can find their work all over the world, in the form of custom lighting and one-of-a-kind fine art.

Jared and Nicole's journey began almost 20 years ago, when Jared began working at K Dahl Glass Studios in Colorado. In 1995 Davis was introduced to Swedish glass master, Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven Ake Carlsson, who invited him to study with them in Transjo, Sweden for two years. With their first son, Rylan, and a second son on the way, they set off for Sweden. For two years Jared worked as an apprentice and studied many aspects of Swedish glass blowing and design. Although Nicole was busy with her two small sons, she worked on product designs and in the hot shop. A glass blowing course at the Kosta Boda Glass School and the occasional invitation to assist at Transjo Hytta were important tools in furthering Nicole's education which she would eventually use to assist Jared back home in Colorado.

In 2001, Jared and Nicole started Davis Glass. In 2005 they opened the doors of their own hot shop and gallery, North Rim Glass Studio, LLC. Jared's skills in the art of glass blowing has allowed for the creation of, not only individual designs, but numerous collaborations.