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Born into an artistic family, Daniel was encouraged to express his creative energies. At the age of 14 he apprenticed in the family glass studio. From the engineering of chemical compound formulas, cooking and working the molten substance to grinding and polishing the finished product, his internship was a formidable background for his current success. As his skills grew so did his commitment to his craft. He as spent many hours sketching new designs, researching new color formulations, and personally executing those ideas to keep his art progressive. A constant through out his career and his work is the inspiration he derives from nature. Examination of any Daniel Lotton piece from paperweight and perfume bottles to vases and lamps, will inevitably communicate his desire to emulate the Masters great hand in every laboring creation. His work is collected by art enthusiasts both nationally and internationally. Assuredly, Daniel Lotton collectibles will be enjoyed by many generations to come.