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I have been a practicing artist/sculptor since 1988. I received my BFA from The Ohio State University in 1991, and went on to get my MFA at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred, In New York. After graduating I worked for various artists, and developed my work until 1998 when I opened my studio and gallery Lost Angel Glass in Corning, NY. My early sculptural work focused on large-scale installation work, and I received a number of grants from institutions including The Ohio Endowment for the Arts. More recently I have focused on traditional blown glasswork, and intricate cast sculptural glass. My work focuses on the interaction between humanity and the natural environment, Specifically using natural textures as a metaphor for natures chaotic beauty. In 2005 I began teaching, and I have been the Interim Head of the glass area at Bowling Green State University and Acting Coordinator of Glass at the Ohio State University. I am looking forward to exploring a new avenue of work, which will include video, and traditional sculptural elements to create artificial environments, which will explore the conversation between Humanity and the natural world. I use my work to explore cultural tidal zones. I am fascinated with that tiny area where two fundamentally different worlds of nature and man meet and interact with each other. I combine rough organic textures from trees or stone with smooth machined architectural forms in glass. Each sculpture is a quiet metaphor of the interaction of humanity and the natural world. With the crystal series I use optically pure glass to create a theatre within the glass for light to play. As a viewer moves around the piece reflections appear and disappear, bringing elements of the organic texture directly into the facets, but only temporarily. My series of colored work explores many of the same concepts; however, I use more formal sculptural elements of line, texture, and volume to express this interaction. Glass allows me to use light, and the density of color as light moves through different areas, to create volume and space within a solid form. Many of the aesthetic elements of how I use colored glass are drawn from the artists S. Libensky, and J Brychtova. EDUCATION Alfred University SUNY: Master of Fine Art 1994 The Ohio State University: Bachelor of Fine Art - Honors Program, 1991 Creative Glass Center of America: Fellowship 1996 Pilchuck School of Glass: Loredano Rosin 1991 EXPERIENCE Instructor, Bowling Green State University, 2008-present Senior Lecturer, Ohio State University, 2007-2008 Visiting Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Alfred University SUNY 2005-2006 Glass Artist, owner of Lost Angel Glass Studio, 1992 - Present Board of Directors Executive Committee: The ARTS of the Southern Finger Lakes, 2000-Present Production Glassblower: Fellerman & Rabbe Glass, Sheffield, MA 1996-98 Artist In Residence: Wheaton Village Fellowship Program, Millville, NJ 1996 COLLECTIONS and COMMISSIONS Carnegie Museum of Art: Pittsburg, PA, Block Collection Irell & Manella, LLP: Century City, CA Lucent Technologies: Corporate collection Corning Incorporated: Corning, NY Freemasons, PA Permanent collection The Ohio State University College of Medicine: Earl N. Metz Award: Columbus OH The Museum of American Glass: Millville, NJ, Permanent Collection The University of Iowa: Iowa City, IA, Permanent collection SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Llyn Strong Gallery, ?????????Glass Invitational?????????, Greenville, SC 2006 Mostly Glass, ?????????Natura Morta?????????, Englewood, NJ 2006 Peninsula Fine Arts Center, ?????????Out of the Mold?????????, Newport News, VA 2005 Glass Collectors Weekend, ?????????ABC Glass?????????, Millville, NJ 2005 National Liberty Museum, ?????????Live Auction?????????, Philadelphia, PA 2003-2005 Palm Beach 3 SOFA, Palm Beach, FL 2005 SOFA Exposition, Chicago, IL 2003-2005 Lost Angel Glass, ?????????Future Classics?????????, Corning, NY 2004 Corning Community College, ?????????Selected Glass Exhibition?????????, Corning, NY 2004 Global Art Venue, ?????????The International Glass Collectors Exhibition?????????, Seattle, WA 2003 The American Museum of Glass, ?????????20/20 Vision?????????, Milleville, NJ 2003-2004 Kane Marie Gallery, ?????????Form and Nature?????????, Virginia Beach, VA 2001 Vesperman Glass Gallery, ?????????Hot and Cold Running Glass?????????, Atlanta, GA 2001 Gallery 500, ?????????New Faces in Glass?????????, Elkins Park, PA 2001 Sable V, ?????????Gathering of Glass?????????, Wimberely, TX 1996 - 2002