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At the age of 15 David Royce began glassblowing as an apprentice for Tom Rine and Thomas Maras at Island Glass Studios in Minneapolis. He continued at Island Glass through high school and began glass blowing at Anoka Ramsey Community college in Minneapolis. Continuing his education in glass blowing at the university of River Walls in Wisconsin. However, his direction changed during a study abroad program in Taiwan. On his return he began studies at the University of Minnesota and graduated with a degree in child Psychology with a minor in Chinese language and literature in 2006. In 2005 he again became involved in glassblowing at FOCI: Minnesota Center For Glass Arts. He has been a full time glass bower ever since. In his current series "Bottles" and "Stones" he features simple forms that set the stage for a variety of techniques. The vessels have a sandblasted surface with a luminous semi-transparency, contrasted with opaque colored glass in organic, asymmetrical patterns.The opaque areas are accented with carving. David has a unique take on his cold-work. Normally a formal finish, here he uses a flowing pattern that adds to the organic and interesting form.
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