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My emphasis has always been wheel thrown, high-fired pottery. In that, I love to push the edges of size and creativity whether the pieces are traditional or eclectic, they remain wholly functional handmade pottery.

I then carve, shape and overlay clay, incising detail work on the surface of individual pieces.

A reduction (oxygen-starved) high-firing to 2350 degrees F. for nearly nine hours in a gas kiln completes the clay cycle.

This pottery is lead-free, dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.

Over the last 39 years of my work I have also specialized in clay-making, glaze chemistry, kiln design, and wood-fire. Key influences on my work include being a teacher, and an intensive apprenticeship in the ancient pottery village of Bizen, Japan in the 1980's.

By specializing in my own glaze chemistry, I can balance the art and science of the oxygen-starved high-firing to produce the shimmering copper red and vibrant celadon green glazes, with the contrasting earth tones of madrone.

I hope to add color and richness to daily life.