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Kyle Gribskov creates challenging and ornate handblown glass sculptures, paperweights and ornaments. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Kyle attended Portland State University, the University of Arizona and the University of Oregon. He also studied glassblowing with renowned glass artist Paul Marioni. Kyle first worked in stained glass for fifteen years and switched to blown glass in 1982. Kyle works in his own studio on a former farm in rural Washington. His work is shown in galleries, Universities, and juried exhibitions throughout the United States and in several public and private collections. Kyle Gribskov strives to capture the fluidity of glass in his richly colored and clear crystal sculptures, paperweights and ornaments. Inspired by patterns found in flowing lava, tide pools and cloud formations, Kyle layers different colors of glass encased in clear crystal. This technique creates visual interest with distortion and reflections when viewed at different angels. In his alluring Gossamer Paperweights series, Kyle swirls iridescent masses of shimmering crystal with light capturing air bubbles.