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In Vermont, in 1983, I opened Vitriesse Glass which has been a successful wholesale/retail business for over twenty years. I also practice as a small town herbalist part time. I continue to be as passionate about glass as science, and I am strongly influenced by forms in nature, the human body and by the imagery of cell structure and DNA. Combine this with the Asian influence, Feng Shui, the acceptance and fascination of energy and its interactive dance as the spirit, these are the elements of which I incorporate into each piece. My blown forms are fluid, sculptural and timeless. My latticino vessels are an intricate process of blowing, pulling and twisting glass rods or canes with multiple colors entwined. The canes are then joined and shaped into their desired form resulting in an exquisite depth and luminescence. In addition to my vessel forms, I have developed a line of glass beads using a similar process of pulling cane. The canes are cut into beads, fire polished into brilliant gems and then assembled to create my jewelry line.