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Minh was born in Saigon, Vietnam and grew up in Southeast Asia. He spent his school years in Lancaster County , Pa. and then attended Yale University where he studied geophysics. The years after graduation were spent building boats and restoring homes in Austin, Texas and Santa Barbara, Ca. It was in Santa Barbara where he met Brioni (Brioni Feldman)who apprenticed him in the art of glass. A happy accident then stranded him in Staunton, Virginia where he has worked for the past five years and is a partner in Trinity studios. ARTISTS STATEMENT "I work in blown glass seeking both beauty and functionality. I value well wrought craftsmanship and believe that objects we surround ourselves with should engage our affection anbd elevate our collective identity. I trust that arts/craft is the antedote to the "throw away" culture, and by making durable and precious objects,we enrich ourselves and ensuing generations. To this end, I seek to distill classic ideas and forms and reinterpret them in a contemporary astetic."
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