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Inspired by nature and ancient artifacts, Neal Drobnis creates glass sculpture in an exciting combination of the cast and blown glass techniques, reinterpreting a tradition of glass forming used by the Romans over three thousand years ago. My sculpture combines the processes of glassblowing and casting. In this exacting and action-packed physical drama, carved and assembled templates are pressed into the sand to create a mold, released and then manipulated. I use the vessel form to establish a contrast between interior and exterior surfaces: the former is a showcase for the depth and intricacies of the casting, while the latter offers a transition from the earthy texture of the sand to the polished lip of the piece. Education Rhode Island School of Design, M.F.A.,1985 Massachusetts College of Art, B.F.A., 1983 Pilchuck School of Glass, Stanwood, Washington, 1982 Professional Experience Workshop Instructor, Glass Casting, Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA. 1994-2005 Presenter, Glass Art Society Conference, Boston, MA 1996 Teacher, Glass Casting, Horizons Crafts School, Williamsburg, MA 1994-1999 Associate Professor, Glass Craft, Community College of RI, Warwick, RI 1993-1996 Teacher, Beginning Glass, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI 1984-1985 Teaching Assistant, Pilchuck School, Stanwood, WA 1984 & 1986 Numerous public and private lectures Exhibitions 2005 Glass Masters IV, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC 2004 Solo Exhibition, Luniverre Gallery, Paris France Summer Show, The Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD 2002 Solo Exhibition, Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ Feature Artist, Signature Galleries, Westport, CT Transparent Allusions, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI 2002 Glass Show, Chasen Galleries, Richmond, VA Celebrating New Directions, Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD 2001 Images of Summer, Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD Glass Masters III, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC RI Arts+Artist , Providence art Club, Providence, RI 2000 Feature Artist, Objects of Desire Gallery, Louisville, KY Contemporary Glass, ArtWorks Gallery, New Bedford, MA Feature Artist, Vermont Crafts Council, Manchester, VT 1999 Feature Artist, Alexander Gallery, Boca Raton, FL Contemporary Glass, Del Mano Gallery, Pasadena,CA Feature Artist, The GK Collection, Philadelphia, PA 1998 Glass Masters, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC Feature Artist, Vespermann Glass Gallery, Atlanta, GA A Gathering Of Glass, Sable V Gallery, Wimberly,TX 1997 Feature Artist, Running Ridge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM Feature Artist, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX Glass Show, West Texas Museum, Lubbock, TX 1996 Cut & Carved, Brookfield Crafts Gallery, Brookfield, CT Reflections '96, Bell Gallery, Memphis, TN Glass Works, Visual Arts of N.W. Florida, Panama City, FL North American Glass, Guilford Handcraft, Guilford, CT 1995 Solo Show, Delaware Arts Center, Wilmington, DE A Gathering of Glass, Sable V Gallery, Wimberly, TX Feature Artist, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX 1994 Glass Masters, Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC New Collectible Glass, Fisher Gallery, Avon CT Feature Artist, Society of Arts & Crafts, Boston, MA 1993 Glass Forms, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA Glass Now 15th, Yamaha,Tokyo, Japan 20 Ways in Glass, Philabaum Glass Gallery, Tucson, AZ 1992 Invitational, Sandwich Glass Museum,Sandwich, MA Feature Artist, Gallery L, Hamburg, Germany World Studio Glass, Yamaha, Tokyo, Japan Glass Invitational, Bell Ross Gallery,Menphis,TN 1991 Scale Detail '91, Habatat Galleries, Farmington Hills, MI Glass Now '91, Azabu Museum,Tokyo, Japan Feature Artist, Zimmerman Saturn Gallery, Nashville,TN Feature Artist, Owen Patrick Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 1990 Contemporary Glass, Gallerie 454, Grosse Pointe, MI International Exhibit of Glass Craft, Kanazawa, Japan Feature Artist, Gallery 500, Elkins Park, PA 1984-1989 Masterworks of Contemporary Glass, Christie's, NY International Exhibit of Glass Craft, Kanazawa, Japan Solo Exhibit, Stein Gallery, Portland, ME Two Person Exhibit, Cooper Gallery, Manalapan, FL MFA Show, RI School of Design Musuem, Providence, RI National Exhibition, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, TX RI Designer Craftsman, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI Pilchuck Glass, Cheney Cowles Musuem, Spokane, WA Publications Art Spotlight, Providence Journal, RI, November 1, 1999 Feature Article, Providence Journal, RI, September 30, 1999 Feature Article, Observer, Greenville, RI, August 28, 1997 Arts Review, Traveler, Newport, RI, March 1997 Gallery Review, Boston Globe, February 8, 1996 Community Notes, Chapel Hill Herald, January 30,1994 Gallery Review, Boston Sunday Herald, September 5, 1993 Portfolio Profile, American Craft, February-March 1990 Alumni Focus, RISD Views, Providence, RI, September 1989 Gallery Review, Providence Journal Bulletin, October 20, 1989 "New Glass", New Glass Review 7, Corning Musuem of Glass, Corning, NY, March 1986 Regional Review, Art New England, Brighton, MA, March 1985 Gallery Review, Sunday New York Times, February 27, 1983 Members Show 1982, Glass Arts Society Journal, 1983 Collections Permanent Collection, Bank RI, Providence, RI USA Art Collection, Coca-Cola Corporation, Atlanta, GA Permanent Collection, Pilchuck Glass Center, Stanwood, WA Decorative Arts Collection, RISD Musuem, Providence, RI Rhode Island School of Design Musuem, Providence, RI Numerous Private & Corporate Collections Commissions Leadership Award, Rhode Island Philharmonic, 2003-Present Donor Gifts, Community Prep, Providence, RI, 2000-2002 Cast Glass Window Panels, Private Residence, Providence, RI CFO Excellence Awards, C.F.O. Publishing, 1998-Present NJ Corporate Council Association, Diversity Award, 1997 Alumni Awards, 1989, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI Eternal Light, Temple Habonim, Barrington, RI Awards, RIPEX XX, RI Philatelic Society, Providence,RI
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