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Paul Harrie creates paperweights, vases, bowls and perfume vials which are inspired by winters growing up in North Dakota. Paul received his B.F.A. from University of Kansas, Lawrence and continued on to University of California, Los Angeles for his M.F.A.. He has served as a glass instructor at both California State University, Long Beach and Northrige as well as Clay/Glass Workshop at CSULB, and assistant instructor at UCLA. Paul was the Guest Artist at Clay Glass Workshop at CSULB in 1980 and has managed his own studio, Harrie Art Glass since 1980. Paul was honored to have one of his pieces selected for publication in the Corning Museum of Glass¡¯ New Glass Review 2. His work is exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and Canada and has been shown at the Nelson Art Museum in Kansas City and the Royal Art Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. Paul Harrie strives for perfection in his work to capture the priesting untouched quality of fresh snow that he remembers as a child. He wants the viewer to feel as though they opened up a geode and are peering inside at it¡¯s mystical beauty. His works consists of pure, vibrant color combined with classical, elegant forms.