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Through glass, I have found an art that will grow with me for a lifetime. I was born in Santa Fe and grew up on a cattle ranch in northern New Mexico. In University, I enjoyed the three dimensional space of sculpture and the importance of colors in painting. Combining these two medium's qualities, glass has given me the chance to explore new creative possibilities. For almost ten years, I have sculpted glass into functional and nonfunctional works of art. Most recently, I have received a merit award at the Rosen Art Show in Philadelphia. My marbles, jewelry, and sculptures are sold at galleries throughout the US, and my work is in private collections throughout the world. Internal Fire is the exchange of energy between the artist and the collector. Borosilicate Glass - or what is known as hard glass, starts melting at a temperature of 1200 degrees and gets to 3000 degrees. Using a torch fueled by propane and oxygen, (which gets to about 6000 degrees) I heat the clear glass to an average of 2500 degrees to form and shape it. Then add colors, which are made from different metal oxides. This style of glass blowing is called Flame Working or Lamp Working. Since the glass melts at such a high temperature, the work very intricate and valuable.
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