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Lundberg Studios located in Davenport has been producing high quality glass vessels, bowls and paperweights since 1973. Originally started by brothers James and Steven Lundberg, the studio is now directed by Rebecca Lundberg. James began working in glass while attending California State University, San Jose. Steven left Lundberg studio in 1997 to establish his own studio, Steve Lundberg Contemporary Art Glass in Santa Cruz. Lundberg Studios has work in many prominent public and private collections including the Oval Office in the White House, ABC News anchorman, Ted Koppel, the late Jacques Cousteau and the National Geographic Society. Their public collections include The Smithsonian Institution, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Los Angeles County Art Museum, and The Museum of American Glass in New Jersey. Lundberg Studio is know for it's exquisite Art Nouveau and Tiffany style iridescent glass and clear incased California style paperweights. In a recent series, World Weight, Lundberg Studios depicts a phenomenally detailed earth complete with continents, oceans and cloud formations encased in clear crystal. These range in size from 1.5 inches to 6 inches in diameter. In their new series, Hearts and Vines, vases and bowls radiate beauty and light from Tiffany inspired sfavrile glass¡ly of the late 19th century. Lundberg Studio also produces California style paperweights. This style comes from combining techniques of the art nouveau ¡°ice pick¡ng and lampworking processes used in French paperweights where three dimensional imagery is created and encased in crystal layer by layer.