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Wes Hunting derived a style he calls, ¡°Color Field¡± for the vibrant colors and patterns in his works. Wes now lives and works in Wisconsin finding the simplicity of nature allows his work to grow. ¡°When I lived in Chicago, I felt the sensory overload stifled my work.¡± Wes¡¯s work is shown in major galleries throughout the United States. Wes Hunting strives for the forms, colors, and designs of his work to act as one. He considers the surface designs on his works to be drawings since he makes all of his work the size of a sheet of drawing paper. ¡°Sometimes the drawings echo the contours of the vessel and sometimes they establish a contradictory rhythm. In either instance, it is important to me that the form, structure, and the drawing be integrated.¡± Playing with color is what constantly entices and challenges Wes. In glass there is endless possibilities of color including the layering of opaque and transparent glass.
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