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“Contemporary glass and mixed media” is the label I use to describe my artwork. The glasswork ranges from purely blown forms to cast, cut, and polished glass assemblages that deal with classical form, function, and decorative pattern. The conceptual themes are drawn from my personal experience and often take the form of mixed media sculpture and installation.

Early in my career I was involved with the mystery and mastering of glass blowing techniques. Once that was accomplished, I turned my energies toward aesthetic composition and concepts of design.

Upon taking on the label of artist, I have a commitment not only to originality, creativity, and experimentation; but I must also push to the edges of my ability. I draw from past experiences and make the choices that ultimately unfold into what I am willing to present to the world.

In handling a material again and again and again, I discover what the limitations of that material are and where the design of my imagination may go. The challenge is in the process of bringing what is in my head to the limitations of the medium.

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Michael Meilahn Deco Trumpet Eclectic Column Vase Michael Meilahn Deco Trumpet Eclectic Column Vase

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